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Welcome to Gerd Fritsche's Traditional Handplanes

The quality of traditional woodworking depends mainly on three things, the raw materials, the personal skills and also on the hand tools. But high-quality hand tools, especially hand planes, are hard to get. There are some good, industrially manufactured hand planes available, but they can't really match with the ones from great toolmakers from the beginning of the 19th century. Realising that, I decided to build them by myself using my professional toolmaking skills and the best materials I could get. The results were more than satisfying...

On my homepage you can find some of my self-made planes and get the opportunity to acquire some of these beauties, too. Furthermore, I also offer plane kits for most of the presented planes; if desired, completely peened and fully prepared to receive the infill. If you decide to build your own hand planes, I am willing to assist the assembly process. Workshops for three hand plane enthusiasts are also available on request.

Enjoy your visit!

Greetings from the Lake of Constance,

Read more about my work in the article that appeared in the "HolzWerken" magazine (PDF article in German):
"Maserbilder - Portrait Gerd Fritsche" HolzWerken Juli/August 2011
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